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Moouse University is a full service content production agency focused on creating professional quality visuals for brands and personalities in the college market. Our team is built of student-creators who are leaders on their campus that share a passion for bringing together the art of visual media & storytelling. Moouse University gives students the ability to gain experience in the creative media industry while collaborating with other students/brands at other Universities. Our team's work is influenced by our founder, creative director, and mentor, Moouse.

Sam Messina, better known as Moouse, was a student athlete at The University of Alabama. In the first week of his Junior year, Sam's hockey career was cut short as he had a rare brain condition called AVM; a blood vessel abnormality in the visual area of the brain. After dropping out of the remaining school year to have complex brain surgery, Moouse decided to fully dedicate himself to his life-long passion of creating videos. From there, he made a full recovery and was able to return to college, but with a camera in his hands instead of a hockey stick. 


At The University of Alabama, Moouse found success creating content for artists, athletes and brands, while building a team of student creators to learn from him as well as expand Moouse Media's presence. On campus, Moouse became largely recognized for his recap videos of the most popular events in town. You could find him at just about any concert, party or tailgate shooting on his camera with an edit following just a few days later. 

After graduating from The University of Alabama with a degree in Advertising, Sam has continued running Moouse Media, and strives to inspire by creating captivating content for all audiences. Moouse University was created as an extension of Moouse Media and a way for Sam to keep his legacy and vision alive in the college market.


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